Restoring Winclone 3 image to same iMac27 1TB Fusion After Mojave Install

Restore Fails 2/3 through. The backup was made in 2017 of Windows 10 64 bit that was upgraded by MSFT from perfectly functioning Windows 7 home64.

I started Windows to check every so often that it still works and it ran flawlessly. Only ever ran it for games simulator as I needed full access to all the horses that my late 2013 iMac 27 32gb ram 4gb vram could muster.

Ran all OS upgrades flawlessly until removing boot camp partition prior to Mojave install.
Created APFS MAC and FAT32 Boot Camp partition. My restore doesn’t finish but leaves an NTFS BOOTCAMP partition that indicates reinstall required but also fails to install Windows 10 in any available partition with a different reason every time I comply with the last reason it failed.

Is it my restore image or an incompatibility? Will a new version of Winclone fix the restore? If it doesn’t is it refundable?

Can you post the log to see what the issue is?

log show --style syslog --predicate 'process contains[cd] "winclone"' --info --last 2d

(you can adjust the argument of “2d” from 2 days to other time periods that you want the log, like “10m” for the last 10 minutes or 3h for the last 3 hours).

Also, try to restore to a disk image to see if it is something related to the target drive.