Restoring Windows 7 Bootcamp Partition to New IMAC with Catalina

New user, apologies if this answered, did not find after search.

Issue is restoring Bootcamp partition of Windows 7 off my old IMAC running Sierra to brand new IMAC running Catalina. Tried to restore using Wincline 8 and new IMAC locked up (could not boot back into Mac OS recovery by any route, ended up having the disc wiped and OS X installs fresh.

Want to avoid repeating above, so thought I’d install a new W7 partition and then try to reinstall the Winclone image to that. However Boot Camp assistant tells me this new IMAC cannot run W7, only w10. I want to reinstall my old W7 partition and run from that. Is it possible? Maybe an older version of Winclone can successfully reinstall W7 on the new IMAC? I’m thinking the (many) hardwire changes in the IMAC mid 2011 version to the new 2020 version caused the initial failure.

Any help most appreciated

The new Macs do not support Windows 7. You’ll need to upgrade to Windows 10 first.


I thought so–thanks for confirming.