Running chkdsk /b Prior to Cloning STILL Suggested?


Been using WinClone for years with Windows 7 and now Windows 10. As suggested by Two Canoes, I would always run chkdsk /b on a BOOTCAMP partition before cloning with WinClone.

However, on a relatively new 2019 MacBook Pro (with SSD) running Catalina and a BOOTCAMP partition with Windows 10 (21H1). I am running into an issue where Windows 10 will no longer boot after running chkdsk /b when it attempts to restart. I get a BSOD and an error “Stop code: BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO” After multiple re-installs of Windows 10 via Boot Camp Assistant, the problem seems to be a bit random, I.E. it does not occur everytime…

The Two Canoes article suggesting chkdsk /b be run before cloning dates back to 2015 I believe??? Is it still advised to run chkdsk /b??? Or is that old info???

Anyone else run into this???

I find a number of articles on the web suggesting chkdsk causes issues with SSDs??? I am not finding much in these forums directly related to running chkdsk or the above mentioned error…



Additional Info 6-21-21

I’ve tried doing the install via Boot Camp Assistant, with a USB Installer, get the same results pretty much every time… If I run chkdsk with the /b switch it seems to complete but Windows 10 will then not restart without an error.

Is anyone else running chkdsk /b prior to cloning???

Is anyone else having an issue when Windows 10 then restarts???

I seem to have little choice but to clone my Windows 10 BOOTCAMP partition WITHOUT running
chkdsk /b first.

Thanks in advance for any further insight.

FWIW I understand that this is NOT a Two Canoes / WinClone issue. HOWEVER Two Canoes is directing us to run chkdsk /b prior to cloning a BOOTCAMP partition. I figure there ought to be a lot of users that run chkdsk /b on a BOOTCAMP partition (on an SSD) and perhaps someone else may have run into this…


Has no one with a late model Mac with an NVME SSD run into an issue running chkdsk /b prior to cloning???

Or does no one run chkdsk /b prior to cloning anymore???