Running High Sierra, image won't restore

Before upgrading to High Sierra from Sierra, my Windows 10 partition was working just fine. I am running a Mid 2010 MBP. Before I upgraded to High Sierra I was already nervous about something happening to my Windows partition, and rightfully so. After the upgrade to High Sierra was done, Windows 10 would no longer boot. The Windows loading screen and loading animated circle would breifly appear before the sad smiley Windows crash screen.

I thought I would be safe since I created an image with Winclone 6. I was wrong. When restoring the image I was first given the message instrucitng me to disable SIP, which I did. The restore consistently fails at the end and gives me an error code -2 and says something about failing to restore the VBR.

When I try to run Windows 10 it is now much worse, and I just get a black Dos like screen that basically says there is no bootable media.

I desperately need to get my Windows 10 working again because of some work related software that is installed on it that will be very difficult for me to get back due to resources at my work. I will try anything, please help.

Not sure why the VBR would fail to restore, but if it is EFI bootable, you don’t need to VBR. Just set to EFI booting in Winclone:

If that doesn’t work, please turn on verbose logging and check the logs after restore for the VBR error. It should give more details.


Thank you for your response, I probably should have mentioned that this was something I had already tried. I’m not sure if EFI boot is something I can do or not, however I do remember reading about a change in firmware on the 2012+ macbooks that enabled some newer type of booting. Mine does not have that. I am not sure how to turn on verbose logging.

If you go to Preferences in the Winclone menu, you should see a preference for verbose logging.