Running MDS from a Netboot enviroment

Any tips on how to build a Netboot set that includes MDS ? It would be an awesome tool for supporting legacy macs.

I have not done this, but it does seem interesting. Netboot is rapidly going away though :frowning:


I start mds from an old Deplostudio netboot, it work for me!

I am booting MDS from Delpoystudio also. Works great. I partition the drive using DeployStudio, then copy a windows image to one partition, then run MDS to install Catalina on the other partition.

Is there a way to pass a variable to MDS during invoke /Volumes/mds/run --variablehere for example? I could set the mdm_var1 to the computer name from Deploystudio and that would help me massively :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!