Sales-Related Message: Request for refund or V8 License

I have made several attempts to email Twocanoes Support with requests to resolve my license issue. Each response was either cookiecutter or fully automated. My issue would normally be handled by sales, but even these types of emails are returning automated/cookie-cutter responses. So, here I am, even though a forum is no place for the content of my message.

I purchased a V7 Winclone license awhile ago in anticipation of purchasing a Mac Mini (I was on a Macbook Pro at the time) and was thinking about migrating my Bootcamp/Parallels hybrid setup.

I have not been able to use my license due to upgrading to Catalina, and V7 doesn’t work on Catalina. I’m requesting a free upgrade to a V8 license or a refund for my V7 license, in which case I will turn around and buy a V8 license. In the worst case scenario, I hope you will offer a steep discount on upgrading my license to V8. I feel like I’ve been left up shit creek on multiple levels.

I had to create a completely new Windows 10 bootcamp drive on my new Mac Mini, and I really wish I had had Winclone handy to just export my bootcamp partition from the Macbook Pro. Now, I wish I had winclone to back up my Win 10 drive as apparently I can’t get to the native apple boot selector by holding down the opt/alt key on startup. Bootcamp partition w/ Windows 10 does not appear in the startup preference pane either (it is on the same internal drive as MacOS). I hope you will do right by me now, because I’m sure you’re well aware that it takes forever to get a windows desktop environment up and running to personal taste from scratch. So many settings, so many updates, so much to install. I would really like to reduce how often I have to do that, and to have the peace of mind using Parallels and Bootcamp that if something goes wrong a backup might be able to save the day. I don’t object to occasional license upgrades, but dude, this is ridciulous, I got shafted with the V7 license and lack of email support.

Sorry you are having an issue. Let me take it one by one:

I talked with the person that responded to you and she is definitely 100% non-robot.

We are a small software company and wouldn’t able to exist without charging for upgrades. Apple updates macOS every year and it tends to dramatically effect how Winclone works so just keeping up with the OS requires engineer, QA and support.

Due to the nature of the software, we have yet to have a new macOS update that doesn’t require an update to Winclone. When a new version of Winclone is released, we support the current macOS release and the prior one. When we release a new version of Winclone, prior users get 50% off for the upgrade.