Save/Restore Windows with Bad OSX Partition


I want to find out if Winclone can solve my problem.

I have a Mac using Boot Camp with 2 partitions, OSX and Windows 10. When trying to upgrade OSX to the latest, I left the room during the download and when I returned OSX was dead. It will not reboot. I can continue to reboot in Windows so part of Boot Camp is still functional.

I tried to repair the OSX partition but it cannot be repaired. Apple tells me that the only way to recover the OSX partition is to completely rebuild Boot Camp and OSX. This destroys my Windows partition.

And that’s my problem. My Windows partition has a ton of tools I use for work. Rebuilding OSX is easy, but rebuilding Windows will take a couple of days.

Can Winclone be used to save and restore my Windows partition? If Winclone runs on OSX only, I can’t use it.

Thanks for the advice.



I’ve not gotten a reply to this and twocanoes has not responded to a ticket I submitted with the same topic afterwards. Is anybody home there?