SCCM - Unable to read task sequence configuration disk


I am wondering whether anyone has got SCCM and WINClone working together.

Created a Bootable USB drive from SCCM . The USB was able to boot on my 2014 IMAC and got into the task sequence.

Now using Winclone to package. I Create the image from the WinPE folder and package using the standard settings .

However when booting up i get the below error message.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry to say, I have not gotten it to work, beyond establishing that using the USB boot media will not work because that has some built-in expectation of being on an external device and gets upset when it’s on the hard drive. I use Winclone to deploy dual boot lab computers at a college, and have ended up just doing a “monolithic” image, which works OK for me for other reasons (like not wanting to make 80 packages in ConfigMgr).


Hi Anne,

Sorry for the late reply. I have got SCCM and Winclone to work. Kinda stressing since I spent a grand or so on these licenses.

Essentially the reason why we use SCCM is to standardise the SOE of the environment.

Ill create a guide shortly but if you need anything you can reach out me directly.


Hi Johnson,
If you’ve prepared a guide, I’d also be interested in seeing it if you’d be willing to share it. We’re hoping to be transitioning from virtualizing Windows 7 to installing Windows 10 with Winclone Pro and SCCM.