Scheduling for incremental imaging

I have Winclone and am wondering if there’s any way to schedule the incremental imaging. I am using this on a computer in my office. I set it up around 10AM and for weekly backups so every day around 10AM on Monday it backs up. It may not be an issue if it did it more in the background but the program opens up on my screen and starts doing the backup.

Is it possible to schedule a time for backups? It would be great to have it do it at a time such as 2AM when I know I’m not at work. the only other option I can think of is setting my alarm to go into my office in the middle of the night to do a backup so it switches to that schedule. I prefer to avoid that :slight_smile: If the scheduling is not an option I would like to see this added in a future update or either make the imaging something that runs in the background more like a Time Machine backup.

Not currently, but we are looking to add it.