Script Assistant for System and Finder preferences

Feature request: an assistant in MDS who let me create a „run only once after deploy script“ including following settings: the whole system preferences (turn off screen saver, edit security settings, set some mouse functions like secondary click and mouse speed, and so on. Additional all settings which can be made in finder with CMD+, (show harddrives, show servers, show file extensions) and CMD+J in Finder (sort by, size of items…) would be very nice to have.

Or do you have another nice and easy way to create a script for those things? Im not a programmer…I started playing a little bit with apple script, but for those really basic settings it would be nice to have an assistant in MDS.

PS: is there a tool to activate Microsoft Office directly after deploy? For windows world I know microsoft toolkit…but for Mac?

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Nice idea! Can you submit it at:

That way you can track the progress!


Dear Tim, do I need a bitbucket account to add an issue? In my case it would be the “assistant for system preferences” and the “qwerty/qwertz bug with automaton”…

yes, just create a free account on bitbucket. It allows you track the issue as well.