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  1. Is there any location that has typical scrips that we can use. I found one for changing the desktop. still testing. But I heard someone talking about setting the applications that show on the doc.

  2. Is there a way to put a folder on the local admin’s desktop. I have some post configuration files that I cannot run in the workflow, because each school, room, computer is different. Typically I had them on the desktop when I captured the image with deploy studio. We opened the folder and ran what we needed to per school. It could be on the hard drive also, just easily accessed from the desktop. Maybe a script?

Thanks so much.

Inside the installer disk image is a “support” folder. It has sample scripts in it. They are also in bitbucket:

As for the desktop, you could have an “after packages installs” script that creates a file on the desktop. If you purchased support, we can write the script for you. Let me know if that is the case.

Thanks so much for your reply.

I will check that out.

I do hope to get the purchased support, (I am not a “mac person” ha ha) but I can’t do that till I July 1, as we are a school district, and we have a funding hold till then.

I support about 150 macs. Can I use the middle support option? let em know, and I can get a po ready to roll.



Lauren Saar

Systems Support Analyst


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