Scripts not transfering or working

MDS newbie, using MDS 4.1 on Big Sur. I made the Resources folder with subfolders called MacOS, Packages, Profiles, and Scripts, with a Resources folder subfolder in the Scripts folder on my desktop. I populated the MacOS with Catalina and the Packages folder with Office and Firefox. I also copied 2 scripts to the Scripts folder ( and and copied the needed files to the Resources subfolder ( and tcu_background.jpg). I set the checkboxes in the Resources section of the workflow to copy everything, but when I saved to volume, the scripts don’t show up in any of the folders in the flash drive and when I imaged a computer with it, the packages deployed correctly, but the dock and background didn’t set and I could find no script errors in the logs.
Where should the scripts be copied to in the MDS volume? Can I move them there manually?
Thanks for any help you can provide.