SD Clone and Paragon extFS for Mac

I am interested in SD Clone for making images of Raspberry Pi installations (educational stuff) and very much like its Shrink function. At first glance however it did not seem to work, but then I realised that Paragon extFS for Mac (which I use to write directly to config files on the Raspberry Pi DS cards, is also tying up the SD card. Trying to figure out a practical work process, but suggestions are welcome…

How did it go? did you get it to work like you expected?


I have the same issue.
Selecting shrink returns quickly without actually shrinking the SD-Card, with Paragon extFS
I have to disable Paragon extFS in system preferences before SDClone/Shrink will work.
Even if SDClone threw an error / checked for Paragon extFS, might save people some trouble.

“Super Charge Raspbery Pi mode” Dialoge.
I have a 16GB SD-Card with a 2GB partition after the shrink, why is SD-Clone suggesting that I shrink a volume which has already been shrunk?

If it was already shrunk, then ignore the dialog.