SD Clone crash on launching under Monterey


When I launch SD Clone, I don’t have any GUI, but instantly the Apple crash message.
Have you got an idea to use it ?

Thank you for youir help.

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Same here. Direct crash when starting on Monterey.

I’m very disappointed that you decide to discontinue this software. In my case I bought a second license some weeks ago because I like this product very much.
Now I can’t use it anymore.

I hope you still make one last update for Monterey anyway.

Thanks. Regards.

Are there any news?
I don’t dare to update because I use sd-clone very often.

Need also a solution for that. At least, can we install on an other mac

@Robert_Weltmaier Can you let me know why SD Clone is critical to you? I wrote it so that we could do restores faster in our environment, but it was clear that it was pretty specific to what we were doing. I am interested in why you can’t move over to one of the other (electron based) apps for the mac?


We use SD Clone to copy and verify a lots of SD each month, this is a good product for us to duplicate our SD cards.

Hello Tim,
thanks for asking.
It’s just for my hobby :grinning:.
I often use different images (Rasspberry Pi) and it is very convenient :+1: :+1: :+1: to shrink the images and save them on the NAS.
I haven’t found anything like it yet and love SD clone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
But I would also like to update to Monterey, otherwise I still need an old computer for SD Clone.
Will there be no way to use SD-Clone on Monterey?
Many greetings and a Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Interesting. I was just looking at some of the other utilities out there:

Raspberry PI Imager

So it sounds like the verify, shrinking and copying are the important features, not the restore functionality.


I got it to work on Monterey and posted a build here:

We didn’t do much testing and it seem to generally work. We didn’t sell much of it so it wasn’t worth focusing on, but I do like the app. Let me know if it works for you. I also removed the license key requirement and made it default to Pro version.



Thank you !!!
I have some crash sometimes, but it can be launched, and work more than it crash :slight_smile:

Yes Tim, you are absolutely right :wink:.
Thank you for the new version.
I´ll be testing it over the holidays.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Thank you for this, I have just upgraded and was very frustrated it was not working. It seems to work ok, with the odd crash now and again.



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