SD Clone shrink not working?

I purchased SD Clone to make backup copies of my raspberry development sd cards.

I have ran into an issue that not all sd cards are the same especially in size, some 32g sd cards are actually larger than others.

So i could not restore the backup onto an sd card because the size was slightly smaller.

I tried to use the shrink feature of the sd clone be it does not change the size of the ext partition of the sd card, i know that only 500MB is being used the ext partition. No error just does not change the size.

I have tried to shrink the sd card and i have also extracted the it back to an image and tried shrinking it also with the same

I am stuck not able to use my sd images created with SD Clone.

SD Clone can only shrink ext2/3/4 partitions and only if it is the last partition. Can you do a “diskutil list” on the command line and post the results? That should show the partition structure. Make sure the SD card is plugged in when you do it.