Self-Extracting with Deploy Studio

Hello, I’m trying to deploy a Windows image to my Macbook Pros using Deploy Studio. I see from this link that I can make a Winclone image self-extracting and use that as my master image. But when I try to run the job, Deploy Studio gives an error saying it only works with self-extracting Winclone images, even though I did make the image self-extracting. I noticed that I can’t find the “winclone_helper_tool” as mentioned in the above documentation. Is this because I’m using a newer version of Winclone? I’m using Winclone 7 Pro. Does the aforementioned method no longer work? I saw documentation that you can create a package and run that, but I’d prefer to do it using the older method as I have more control over the image in Deploy Studio. Thanks.

We are scheduled to add in compatibility with Deploy Studio in the 7.2 release in the next month. I recommend deploying as a package in the meantime.