Set Computer Name - Prompt broken?

In our several tests thus far, Set Computer Name - Prompt is failing to actually set the computer name in 10.14.4 and MDS 1.5 run off an external Create Bootable Volume.

Is there a known issue?

The prompt and name input happens, but the input name is wrong after boot. The name is iMac regardless of what was input into the prompt.

We are testing MDS with: external boot + user account + name + Jamf Quickadd. The name should not be coming from Jamf since we don’t do that on any machine at present, however I have not tested the workflow without the QuickAdd package to see if any different.

For now, on first boot we’ve renamed manually and run - jamf recon - to resolve.


Yes, it is known and resolved in 1.7. The naming now done before packages and other scripts are run:


The ‘Set Computer Name - Prompt’ is broken again in 1.9. It was working fine for me until 1.8.1. Not sure anyone else other than me is facing the issue to confirm that.

I’m having the same issue. It setting my computer names to iMac

please try the latest build of 2.0 prebeta. I believe it is fixed there.

Seems to be working in MDS 2.0 latest build 20048. Thanks for fixing.

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