Slooooooowwwwed after cloning

Hi, I have just downloaded Winclone and I think I made a mess…

I have cloned my bootcamp partition (source) to an external drive (target)

Back to my windows on my computer it is now very very slow… (external drive turned off)

please help I have so much late work to do !!!

That is strange. We don’t make any changes to the source. However, it is possible that booting into Windows externally caused something to happen on the internal drive (though I have not seen it happen). Does Windows show high CPU or disk activity?


Hi Tim,

Thanks for answer and follow up, i chose to make a clone from Bootcamp partition (source) to External Hard Drive (empty), i did not mistake for sure, at that point a pop up appeared asking me to restore/cancel so i first canceled redid the same choice make clone from A to B, same restore/cancel so hit restore. The copy process launched, when it ended restarting the computer in windows mode took a while, restarted several times, and when it worked Windows was really slow… i restart again same problem on launch with a long and several looping and at last it launched ok… now I didnt restarted it in mac ios mode for fear to lose something… what is your idea ? Thanks a hundred by advance !

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Joffrey Carpentier