Snow Leopard support

Hi. I’m a newbie on here. I need some advice on the following:-
I have an early 2008 Macpro the os is Snow Leopard.
I have a bootcamp separate hd with Win 7 64 which is bootable.
This disk is now full amd I can’t realistically make any more room on it. So I want to purchase a bigger hd and transfer my win 7 bootcamp onto it
So I can diectly replace my existing win7 hd.
My question is, would this be possible using Winclone, bearing in mind this is a separate hd from my Mac osx hd. Plus which version of Winclone would support the older operating systems.
Thanks peebee.

Winclone should be able to migrate from one drive to another. The requirements for different versions are outlined on the legacy support page:


Snow leopard is 10.6.
Is there a winclone 2 available.