So how to I Migrate bootcamp partition to a new computer?

I bought this software, thinking this would be easy to do. But that’s not the case. There seems to be a lot of complicated steps for non Windows admins to follow. I’m trying to migrate a 2015 MacBook Pro to a 2018 MacBook Pro. The instructions that I can find here (and its difficult to fine) seem out of date. Evidently boot camp has change in the installation procedure and layout. My expectation was the Winclode 7 software would take care of this. It doesn’t. Note I have only my bootcamp windows environment and no access to other windows machines. So hopefully I can get clear and relatively simple instructions on how to do this. Otherwise, I just got ripped off. At this point If I can get instructions to move or reinstall a piece of software to my new machine, I’ll just run bootcamp assistant and install a new copy of windows. It seems this is a far easier approach to go. I’ve wasted to much time and money on winclone.

My main concern here is that Boot camp sets an extra helper partition and that windows will need a different set of drivers. Note I’m running Mojave on both machines.


No need to feel ripped off. If the software doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund. Just click on the “Refund” link in the footer on the website. Imaging and migrating Windows can be difficult due to driver issues, which is exactly what you are hitting. We recommend doing the following:

  1. Run CHKDSK in Windows. See here:

  2. Create a Winclone image of your existing boot camp partition :

  3. Create a boot camp partition with Disk Utility:

  4. Restore the Winclone image:

  5. The 2018 Macs have the T2 coprocessor, which requires a newer storage driver. You need to boot from a flash drive and inject the driver:

Hope that helps!