SOLVED - No bootable device - insert boot disk...Win 10

Dear CS

Just repartition my MBP 9,2 13" mid 2012 under Sierra 10.12.6 with 16 GB RAM. I am using WINCLONE 5.7.6.
After successful partition and image restoration, I can not boot to Windows boot camp. It says No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key.
I do not use any other NTFS driver now. I did install Paragon NTFS for trial and testing and have removed it/uninstall it.

Unlike in my other MBP (I have 2 of them) after booting and if I want to choose which partition I want to run, I can see MAC Partition and Boot camp Partition. But, with this situation, in System Preference > Startup Disk, I can see BOOTCAMP Windows partition, but in after booting + pressing Option Key, I saw Mac Partition and EFI partition instead of BOOTCAMP Windows Partition.

Do I need to upgrade to version 6 to solve this problem? Or could be some other NTFS drivers still present and blocking the BOOTCAMP boot?
Please help.

Try selecting the EFI partition and see if it boots. If not, try and switch between legacy and EFI booting:


@tperfitt Thank you so much for your information. In my case, I tried EFI first and does not work the I try legacy boot and it does work.

For those who have similar problem, please take notes:

  1. To make the option of choosing EFI or Legacy boot appear, you may need to experiment with your mouse button or touch pad. After several experiments using left or right click button of my mouse + pressing option key on the kayboard, then the window option appear so I can select EFI or Legacy boot.
  2. To make WINCLONE 5.7.6 (my current version) work with switching between EFI and Legacy boot, you need to disable SIP. In my case even though I am using Sierra 10.12.6, I still need to do it in safe mode terminal using csrutil disable command and then after the Bootcamp is bootable, I need to enable SIP again using safe mode (command: csrutil enable) then restart.

I think those 2 important steps need to be considered if you are like me, as a newbie in this case.
Hope this helps.