(solved) Winclone 7 Incremental Backup not working for me

After doing a full backup of my Win10 partition and making a number of installs/changes to Windows 10 (amounting to an additional 20GB), then selecting the full backup in Winclone 7’s Incremental pop-up window, then clicking “Update”, Winclone 7 takes but 2 or 3 seconds to announce that it’s done…without having added a single Gigabyte to the full backup.

What could be going wrong?

Can anyone confirm that incremental backups work?
I mean, the procedure is documented on Twocanoes and Youtube quite clearly, but It simply doesn’t work for me.

If anyone could please confirm that they have it working, then I could at least move forward knowing that there is something wrong on my end.

Anyone? Bueller?

I have the same issue. Has anyone been able to resolve this issue?

I filed a support request for this and was contacted by someone yesterday, submitted some logs, but haven’t yet heard back. I’ll report back when I do, but it would probably help if you and anyone else who has this problem also files a support request. Maybe there are commonalities between our setups that will help them to find the culprit.

But since not a single person has yet confirmed that it is working for them, I do wonder.

Incremental images need to be done on a new image in Winclone 7, not ones from prior versions. There is also a bug where a dirty filesystem will cause incremental to fail but only report the error in the log. We are updating the app to give better error reporting soon.

I just did a test of my boot camp partition on 2 different laptops, and it worked fine. Here is what I did:

  1. Created a new image of the boot camp partition.
  2. Booted in Windows, and copied a movie to the desktop and change a bunch of settings.
  3. Booted back in macOS, and ran an incremental backup.


  1. I restored the image, but selected the prior date from the dropdown menu.
  2. Booted into Windows and verified that the changes were not there.
  3. Restored the most recent incremental.
  4. Booted back into Windows, and the changes and my new files were there.


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Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. I will try this.

Thanks for the pointers, tperfitt!

I read that in your online documentation, though, that a new Winclone image was necessary, and did create that as well before contacting your support team. But even after doing all that it would still finish the incremental backup in a few seconds without any bytes added to the newly created full backup.

What constitutes a “dirty filesystem”? In my logs that I sent you, did anything in there suggest that my Windows filesystem is dirty and that that was the cause?

It’s going on 1am here in Berlin, so I will call it a night and hopefully get around to doing yet another full backup and trying an incremental one yet again, just to make sure that I covered all the avenues.

You have my logs, so please do tell me whether they look dirty? :wink:
Just don’t wanna keep banging my head against the wall and waste valuable time when all it really is is dirt in my filesystem.

How would I even know? What would be the Windows command prompt command to check for such a thing and correct it, if necessary. I’m mostly a Mac person, so my Windows chops are, well, not very choppy at all.

@DeltaForce11, would you be so kind and post back your results? It would be encouraging if you got it to work on your end as well.

G’nite from Berlin everyone!

finally got around to creating a full backup from scratch, copy a 1.15GB file to the Windows 10 desktop, initiate an incremental backup, and - lo and behold - watch Winclone scan for changes and add the file to the full backup.

when in “Restore Image” I also get the drop-down that lets me select from either of the two versions…voila!

not sure why it wasn’t working for me before, but now that it is, I couldn’t be happier (again) with Winclone.
thanks again, tperfitt for pointing me in the right direction!

Did you ever find out what the issue was, and what changed to make it work?

I am having the same issue.

I can’t say for sure, Oliver. All I can say is that after doing a complete backup (again) and then making a change in Windows, then another incremental backup, it worked as designed. Why it didn’t, up to that point, I do not know. While I thought that I did a complete backup before to a new file, I am not beyond admitting to the possibility that I may not have done a full backup to a new file before.

Have you tried doing that?

If after doing a completely new full backup you still can’t get it to do an incremental backup, may I suggest that you file a ticket with TC support? they have been very helpful, and I am sure that they can help you sort it out quickly.

Good luck!

We are working on it. We should have a beta in the next 2 weeks.


@Oliver: and by “quickly” I meant soon :wink:

This week! (unless we hit a blocker). But this week!


Here is the beta build of Winclone 7.2 that includes incremental backups scheduling (and a bunch of enhancements to incremental to make it more robust):


Your current Winclone 7 license key should be detected. Let me know if you have a chance to try it and let me know how it goes.


yes, current license was detected…just did another incremental backup and it hummed along just great.

good job on improving this already excellent app, and thanks for giving me an opportunity to test it.

will report back if anything seems wonky.

best to you and the team from Berlin,


Sorry to be resurrecting this old thread, but I am worried that my forum post might remain unanswered for days, and I don’t have days to solve this issue with Winclone 8, unfortunately…I will need to re-allocate /increase my Bootcamp partition space, and for that, I will need to back it up successfully first.

The issue also includes not seeing a way to make Incremental backups, which is the same issue this old thread tried to address.