I bought Winclone 7 Standard and tried to copy Windows 10 from my old MBP late 2013 to my new MBP 2018 (both running the latest version of MAC OS MOJAVE )

After I restored the image to the new MBP, i get the error message ‘INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE’. And it keeps restarting.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

This is due the AppleSSD driver. This article explains how to resolve:


Thanks it worked


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Impossible to work, because my 16 inch MBP has no physical function keys.

repost I accidentally replied to the post instead of you

I had the same problem with my 16" and had to plug in a USB keyboard. Alternatively, I was able to use a trial of Parallels 16 to VM into windows and use the command prompt, but I’m not sure the steps would be the same from there.