Stuborn (Stuck) Configuration Profile

I have 4 iMacs 10.14.6 that I can not remove a Configuration Profile. Since the profile was pushed, and it is managed by JAMF, I can not remove it manually. The machines have been un scoped but from JAMF and it is still showing under “Profiles” in “System Preferences”. I have even tried using terminal command “profiles -R -p profileIdentifier” but it returns with -205 (Unable to locate configuration profile.). This is the 1st time it has happened to me and only happening on 4 of the machines. The rest of the machines have the same hardware and same version of Mojave 10.14.6. This Configuration Profile is for my DualBoot iMacs and it makes the machine boot to the Windows side after 30 seconds. Thanks in advance.

I would recommend posting your question in the Jamf Nation forums. They would be able to help you the best.

Hi eroslawsk

I have already looked at their suggestions and did not work, so I figured, I would try twocanoes.