Stupid Website, Stupid Design, is that more than 15?

I starting get really pissed off. First I needed to restore a Winclone image, like right now only to discover my Winclone 5 is incompatible with 10.13. So I download Winclone 7 and try to upgrade only I can’t. When I enter my email I get “We have previously been unable to send emails to this address. Please use another.” WTF? This email has served me fine for decades. So I come to this web site and create a new account using the same email address but still can’t buy an upgrade. Then I come to this support page and try to scroll to the bottom to see what is available only I can’t. every time I scroll down the page fills up with previous discussions.

I just want to restore my image. I am about to start crying.

Oh great! Now getting the title must be 15 characters or more. For crying out loud, who is the idiot that designed this???


Sorry you are having issues. Let me see if I can help:

  1. Winclone 5 doesn’t work with 10.13 since each version of macOS introduces new firmware updates that we need to be compatible with. We focus on the recent version.
  2. To get an upgrade discount, go here: and select “upgrade eligibility”. We will then send you the upgrade info. We also sent out this in an email when Winclone 7 was released (if you opt-ed in).
  3. The forums we use is a cloud service called Discourse, and the requirements for title length are part of the spam avoidance.