Support for hidden Windows partition


My boot camp partition is named “.Win HD”, so that it doesn’t show (or rather shows as a hidden volume) in the Finder.

Using the online profile tool ( I am unable to get Boot Runner to show the hidden Windows partition:

  • I have tried the volume name “.Win HD”
  • I have tried the device identifier disk0s5
  • I have tried the device node “/dev/disk0s5”

Any help is appreciated, please find screenshots below:

I think I see the issue. The identifiers and partitions do not match up, which usually means that it is a newly created partition. Just reboot and then it should work (though it will probably be disk0s4).


Hi Tim,

No luck unfortunately, still not showing the “.Win HD” volume.

After reboot:

Renaming “.Win HD” to “Win HD” works, just trying to avoid the volume rename.

Tried with “.Win HD”, “disk0s4” and “/dev/disk0s4”

Boot Runner 3.0.1 (29005)
macOS 10.13.3

Looks like I have a workaround:

Turns out the fine folk at Twocanoes provide Winclone tools to help rename Windows volumes, that too from macOS.

Unmounted disk, renamed volume label to “Win HD”, and remounted.

Problem solved.