SysPrep Is Failing

I have a Bootcamp partition with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed. When I try to run SysPrep, it fails within a few seconds of starting. According to what I have read, it says I have rebuild the image but there’s also a workaround…something to do with bypassing the SkipRearm.

Can someone help me with this? It looks like you set the SkipRearm switch to 1 to enable it but I don’t know where XML file that contains this setting.

Please help and thank you,

Did you create a Winclone image prior to running sysprep? If so, you can restore that image.


Hi Tim,

Although I did have a WinClone backup of the original disk, I have since returned the WinClone software and installed Windows manually. It was easier.

Between SysPrep failing, WinClone not working as per the documentation (the indicated preference setting was not present), and TwoCanoes not offering any direct support for Standard license users, this was not a good experience.