Temporary Icons Apple

Winclone 8 46126
MacBook Pro Catalina 10.15.3
Windows 10 1609

It seems , when I restore W10 through image creating with Winclone 8 that temporary Apple White icons ( Sound and Light keyboard ) are no more there on the screen exepted control of brightness which is ok.

How can I restore them?
Thanks a lot

can you explain a bit more? I am not sure I am following.


Excuse me for my poor English.

I hav install W10 on partition BOOTCAMP. All is OK
When I increase the volume of SOUND there is a white icon on my desktop (the same on Mac OS) to show if sound increase or decrease or stop.

At night the control of my keyboard show also a white icon on my desktop (the same on MacOS) showing if the light of my keys is increasing or decreasing.
All was OK.
I made incremental imaging with Winclone and when I restore all was ok exccept it is impossible to see theses icons.
Icon concerning brightness is OK.
I hope my explain are good
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It sounds like it is an issue with the Boot Camp drivers. Have you tried uninstalling / reinstalling the Boot Camp drivers or seeing if there is an update?


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I don’t know how te reinstall Apple drivers because I must with bootcamp assist r

  1. restaure partition which erase w10 and

  2. then reload drivers for my MacBookPro.

How can I reload Apple Drivers

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