The image you are attempting to restore

SO far not at all happy with this product. First trying to install it warns me I have to upgrade the OS OR email support. I attempt to email support and am grey listed. Thanks TwoCanoes. I get an automated reply during the grey list ???strange… With a link to download an older version. I download the older version Install it and backup the bootcamp partiton. Install the new HDD use SuperDuper to image the mac side back… Flawless…

Boot into Apple. Use disk util to shrink the Mack part create a MS-DOS apre larger than the backed up part. Flawless. Launch WinClone. select the backed up win 7 image select the MS-DOS PArt… “The image you are attempting to restore does not contain the correct information.” WHAT??? why didn’t they just put NOPE!.. That would have been as vague.

So I have paid for software that does not do as it is supposed to. I have to wait for the vendor to reply… EXcuse me un-grey list me then reply. I could see having paid support if there was tonnes of help available and the answers to the error messages were descript. BUt it is as if they know the software doesn’t work and since they have you suckered in I for $30.00 I should now just pay the additional 100.00 so they can actually make the app do as it is supposed too.

TWOCANOES. I operate a repair shop… The software does not work. You have no support. refund and I will have the customer buy another product on their own…

Sorry you are having issues, and I am not sure about the gray listing part. I can help assist or I can refund your purchase. If you would like a refund, just submit it via the link in the footer. If you want some help troubleshooting, let me know.