Transfer 2 TB SSD to 4 TB SSD failed (Mac Pro 5,1)

As described in the help sites, I

  • “wincloned” (v9) my 2 TB Windows 10 SSD into an image (successful!)
  • started directly into Windows 10 via Boot Runner 3.2
  • ran CHKDSK /F (restarted Windows)
  • ran SYSPREP (OOBE) + Generelize + shutdown (two failure had to solve, bevor that could have done: WindowsScan & WindowsLanguage…-US musst to be deinstalled)
  • “wincloned” the 2 TB SSD again into an image (successful!)
  • installed the 4 TB SSD instead of the 2 TB SSD
  • restored OOBE-image to the 4 TB SSD and got a failure just before it ends:
    “Restoring VBR to Device Error” (vbr.bin) … Please verify the disk and try again.
    I got this two times, but the verification at beginning of the restoring process was sucsessful.

The SYSPREP worked. As I started my old 2 TB SSD it behaved like a new installed win 10.
Directly started from the 4 TB SSD (all Other devices were removed) the screen stood black.
Started the 4 TB SSD in Mac OS/Parallels Desktop, it displayed the boot menu and reported that no OS was found.

What could Im do to solve that problem? All of the Win files seems to be on the 4 TB SSD.
Thanks for support and Kind regards from Hamburg.

Try removing the drive that has the older boot camp partition physically from the Mac Pro and see if it starts on the new one. I have seen issues where the Mac won’t start from either if there are multiple boot camp partitions.


Hi Tim,
thanks for support and answer.
Please note “Directly started from the 4 TB SSD (all Other devices were removed) the screen stood black.” in my post. There happened nothing on startup from the new SSD (not even a blue screen), the old Win-SSD and all others where deinstalled, the new one was right placed in the same hard drive bay as the old one before. As I tried to start with all other devices replaced (incl. the Mac OS) “Boot Runner” displayed the Mac-SSD and the Win-SSD. Clicked the Win-SSD the Mac Pro take a new start and booted into the Boot Runner startup screen again.

Kind regards