Triple boot (OS X , win 10, win 11)

Ok I am having a small issue. I updated my ssd. I used an external M2 case with usb connection. I installed OSX Monterey then migrated from internal to new ssd. Next I used win clone to backup windows 10 . Next I swapped internal ssd for new M.2 ssd.

I then used disk utility to create a ex fat partition. Used winclone to restore win 10 image. First issue was windows would start to load the crash to blue screen of death… this happened constantly with no success. I booted into safe mode then strangely the next boot up normal worked. I will count my blessings here. Some how windows repaired itself.

Next I created another ex fat partition and use winclone tool to do quick install of windows 11 iso.

Here is the issue. When booting up by pressing option key at start up, I only see two boot options. Not three as I need. When going to preferences in OS X I have three options . No matter what option I choose for the two windows installed it will go boot to windows 11. I had no way to boot the win 10 so. By using winclone tool I made the win10 Efi bootable. Now win 10 is the only win so that boots. If I then go back and make win 11 partition efi boot, this flip flops again with only allowing win 11 to boot.

What do I do to fix?

I have seen this issue as well. The mac firmware may refuse to recognize multiple version of Windows to boot from. You could try using an alternative EFI Loader like rEFId but I have not tried it myself.


it is possible to clone 2 Windows to different partitions, only the last cloned will boot by default
then boot to Windows and execute with Admin rights
bcdboot D:\Windows
the another Windows will be added to BCD and there will be a choice at Windows startup