Trouble restarting/booting into Windows after Installation

Hi there

I’m having an issue with booting into Windows 10.

My system specs:
2010 Mac Pro 5,1
MacOS Mojave
RX580 or stock GPU

I’ve installed Windows 10 Home on an SSD using WinToUSB on a Windows machine. I’ve then transferred the SSD to my Mac Pro 5,1 and used BootRunner to boot into Windows successfully. After going through the setup steps (Microsoft login, keyboard layout, etc), the Windows desktop shows up successfully.

When restarting the machine and reaching the BootRunner screen again, I select my Windows 10 drive and the computer restarts but stays on a black screen. Nothing is happening. All of this was done using the stock Mac Pro GPU.

I’m wondering what’s happening - if I’ve missed something somewhere. This happened yesterday, except when the screen finally did show something it was the Blue Screen of Death - the drive wasn’t bootable. Which didn’t make sense as again, it had booted to Windows and the desktop showed up after installation. I did a clean install on the SSD and tried again and reached the black screen.

Update: I restarted the machine, booted to Windows from BootRunner and a screen popped up with a few options - I chose Continue to Windows 10 and the machine restarted to a black screen again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It is most likely not setting the correct boot style. You can set the boot style as as either “auto”, “efi”, or legacy. More info here:

See " 1. Force boot type – Normally, Boot Runner 3 will detect the style of booting for selected volumes. However, if you want to override this settings, set a specify boot type."


Hi Tim

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

If I’m booting into Windows 10, should I be booting EFI? Is there something that I’ve missed when installing Windows perhaps?

Thanks so much for your time. I


Depends on the type of Mac and version of Windows. Generally, Macs after 2014 and Windows 10 use EFI booting.