Trouble switching between OSes w/ Boot Runner

The Boot Runner selection screen does not come up on startup. I have only been able to bring up Boot Runner’s OS selection screen by restarting, logging into Sierra, and then logging back out–at which point Boot Runner’s selection screen finally comes up.

I can load Windows 7 from within Sierra by using Boot Runner’s Menu in the menu bar, but there does not seem to be an equivalent Boot Runner functionality available from within Window’s 7 to go back to Sierra.

Boot Runner will load the Boot Selection screen if I log out of Sierra, but not when I log out of Windows 7–it just goes back to the windows login screen instead of the Boot Runner OS selection screen.

Is there a way to configure Boot Runner to enable these functions?

I have a 13" mid-2011 MacBook Air, Core i5

This is most likely due to the “don’t show boot runner if there is only a single mac volume” preference. Try changing that preference and see if it resolves the issue.