Trying to restore my bootcamp partition. Operation Prevented by SIP

Trying to restore my bootcamp partition but am having difficulty… Getting Operation prevented by SIP message and have a few things on the more info page but don’t what to do now…

This should help:


It would be MOST helpful if a mention of the SIP hazard would be included in the main instructions. This cost me nine hours today after the “restore” failed at the very end.

Issue resolved… Thanks…

Sorry about the issue. What is supposed to happen is that you are prompted when you start restoring the image that SIP is enabled and there should be a button to get more information. Is that not what happened?


I’m restoring Win10 to a smaller partition - :grin: restart (command R) - the command in Mojave of csrutil disable worked for me. :+1:

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I tried the csrutil disable, and the status reported back is that of unknown (custom configuration). The most likely reason for that is because I had to use a Catalina Patcher to get my MacBook Pro 8,1 upgraded.