Two same windows running?

Hi, I made a winclone copy of my bootcamp windows 8.1 partition.
Then I restored the image on a parition to another intern harddisk (I do have 2 ssd disks in my iMac)
(I would like to have 2 same windows running. (one for working, the other for playing)
When i started the new restored windows, windows complained with several errors.
I saw the the partion was called D, but it had to be C.
I tried in Windows diskmanagement, to hide the other windows drive letter, and change the running windows partition into C but Windows did not want to let me do it. (error)
Is there a solution? What can I do to run the second windows?

  • Recent i see the seccond windows starts from the new partition, but run into the first windows partition.
    Because I had two identically windows, i did not know in which windows i was.
    So i changed something on the desktop.
    Suprisingly this change is visible in the seccond windows.
    So there seemes to be a sort of mix… But the seccond with errors, and the first original runs smoothly.
    Any ideas how to fix this?

I have seen this as well. Having multiple versions of Windows leads to this type of issues and I don’t think it is supported by Apple.