UAMDM profiles not being deployed

I’ve never been able to get the MDM profiles to install via UAMDM. As soon as a user enrolls, I can push all profiles, but the ones I have setup up for “Configure MDM Profile” don’t install. The apps install, the scripts install, but not the profiles… nor the user (old way or new way). I’ve tried this so many ways, but can’t figure out why they aren’t installing. I even upgraded mdmctl to 1.9 to see if that would change things. Short answer, it didn’t.

I took 2 sets of logs. First I wiped out all logs. Enabled HTTP logs. Then enrolled a machine. First set is 1.7 and second set is 1.9. I also noticed that my packages don’t install in the order they are numbered. This must be an mdm thing. I hope this helps. Running Version 4.2 (48071)