Unable deploy Windows 10 image with package

Hello, I’m running WinClone 6.1.8(17565) on a Sierra MACBook Pro.

I was able to create a Boot Camp Windows 10 partition and the Windows 10 is running well, check the disk chkdsk /b no issues and sysprep it.

I’m followed the following link to deploy a package, I noticed that when creating a package it does it very fast, I dont see the progress(%) screen at all.

When I copy the package to an iMac and try to deploy the package I get the following error:
The installation encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

The creating the package is very fast due to 10.13 new APFS copy on write feature. It is normal.

As for the error, look in the installer log and it should give the exact error. it is usually related to the size of the partition or SIP. The log should give exact info. Here is more info: