Unable to create Image of BootCamp - Code 46

Have used Winclone since version 3 but need to move to more disk space. Upgraded to Winclone 8.
Disk Format NTFS, Size 120.32 GB, Available 13.55 GB. Process runs for approx 10 minutes, shows 6% complete, creates file size of 4 GB then ends with error. I have included the last few lines of the Log file.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

2019-10-15T19:33:49-05:00:Archiving file data, 6.000000% complete
2019-10-15T19:33:52-05:00:Last message repeated 14 times
2019-10-15T19:33:52-05:00:Archiving file data: 7 GiB of 70 GiB (10%) done
2019-10-15T19:33:52-05:00:Last message repeated 14 times
2019-10-15T19:33:52-05:00:Archiving file data, 6.000000% complete
2019-10-15T19:33:52-05:00:Last message repeated 3 times
2019-10-15T19:33:52-05:00:Error reading data from NTFS inode 15703: Input/output error
2019-10-15T19:33:53-05:00:ERROR: Exiting with error code 46:
NTFS-3G encountered an error (check errno).
2019-10-15T19:33:54-05:00:Last message repeated 3 times
2019-10-15T19:33:54-05:00:Helper tool error: There was an error while file imaging. Please check the volume and try again. Status:46
2019-10-15T19:33:54-05:00:Executing “wimverify /Volumes/Lacie/Winclone_Bkp/Bootcamp_Bkp.winclone/Windows.wim”
2019-10-15T19:33:54-05:00:[WARNING] The WIM_HDR_FLAG_WRITE_IN_PROGRESS flag is set in the header of
“/Volumes/Lacie/Winclone_Bkp/Bootcamp_Bkp.winclone/Windows.wim”. It may be being changed by another process,
or a process may have crashed while writing the WIM.

2019-10-15T19:33:54-05:00:"/Volumes/Lacie/Winclone_Bkp/Bootcamp_Bkp.winclone/Windows.wim" does not contain integrity information. Skipping integrity check.
ERROR: Exiting with error code 84:
The WIM file is incomplete.
2019-10-15T19:33:55-05:00:Helper tool error: The WIM file is invalid. Please check the file and try again.
2019-10-15T19:58:47-05:00:Setting the system to allow sleep…

This is usually caused by the helper crashing, which is usually caused by disk (or file) errors. Try switching to block based imaging in the preferences and see if it works better.

Hi Tim,

Before creating the Image, I successfully ran chkdsk /b on the Windows Bootcamp. I then checked the Preferences for Block-based imaging. The process completed very quickly with a pop-up message that indicated **Clone completed - The image was created successfully - OK **The****Bootcamp_Bkp.winclone image was only 580 bytes

My MacBook Pro has an SSD drive so I ran the Winclone 8.0 process again and saved the image to my Desktop instead of an attached hard drive. The Clone completed and image was created successfully. Again the file size was only 580 bytes.

As another test, I un-checked Use Block-Based imaging. The imaging process took longer, but failed again. It created an image of 4.03 GB.

I welcome any suggestions you have to create a successful Winclone image.

Thanks, Bruce

Tim, Additional details from the Error log. I checked the Preferences for Block and saved the image to my external hard drive that has multiple TB of free space. It says the NTFS volume is bigger than the device size?

Thanks for your input,


When it created the image, how long did it take? The finder sometimes does not show the correct size. Try control clicking on the image in the finder, select Show Package Contents… and then look for a file called Windows.wim or boot.img.gz and look at the size of those files.

Hi Tim,

a) With the Block option checked, the error was presented within a few seconds. The size of the boot.img.gz file is 20 bytes

b) With the Block option un-checked the process worked for a few minutes before the error. The size of the Windows.wim is 4.12 GB

Thanks for you assistance, Bruce

Sounds like you have some disk related errors. Do you have any other disk utilities that may help to repair any issues?


Tim, I have run chkdsk /b… several times. I have run Check Disk to automatically fix systems errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. I have run Defragmentation.

I am not getting alerts indicating there is any problem with disk errors. I welcome input for any disk utilities you recommend.

Thanks for your help…. Bruce