Unable to create multiple Win10 instances on external SSD

I followed the instructions in one of the forum messages to setup my external SSD with proper partition scheme. I have created a backup of Win10 using Winclone 9. Currently running MacOS Big Sur, and I have the following hardware:

Drive enclosure: Shell Thunder - Designed for Thunderbolt 3 SSD Enclosure – Fledging

Memory: Silicon Power 2TB NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 US70 M.2 2280 SSD

I’m able to restore to the external SSD and boot just fine.

However, as soon as I add a second instance to my external SSD, the second instance does not boot. I get error code: 0xc0000001.

Is it not possible to run multiple boot camp instances on an external SSD?


We don’t have any instructions written up for it and I have not tried it myself. You may have to have a custom EFI boot record. If you can boot to one instance, try and modify the boot settings in Windows and see if you can specify the other installation of Windows.

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This is the guide I followed. I assumed that running multiple Win10 instances on the same external SSD was one of the scenarios as listed here: * Run multiple bootable Windows 10 partitions on external drive attached to Intel Mac

I created 2 ExFat partitions and continued from there. Is that not supported?

You can restore Windows to multiple partitions, then boot to latest copy of Windows, and add other copies to boot menu using bcdboot or bcdedit