Unable to make a Stick anymore

Ever since version 2 i have not been able to make working stick.
I can make a bootable USB. But, as soon as i use MDS and “Save to Volume…” the stick is no longer bootable.

If i remove everything except the “Install MacOS Mojave.app” and put it back to it’s original spot, the USB is bootable again.

So, I’m close, any ideas what’s going on?

Nobody else has had this error? I’m working on getting a support contract, it’s winding its way through Procurement. But in the meantime, any ideas?

We’ll test it out. I have not heard of this issue before.

I also recommend you join the MDS slack channel on the MacAdmins slack. Lot of great resources there. Join here:


I’m going to close this out as I think i have this part fixed… I now have a bootable USB stick, and that works fine. I can add the MDS part to the stick, and it still boots fine… i am getting a Imagr error of 194… will close this and start a different thread…

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