Unable to restore image

I am trying to restore an image to an external HD, but I get an error message every time saying “there was an error restoring the image. There may be a problem with the partition or drive.” I’ve tried to restore from two different images I’ve created and I’ve reformatted the disk and used disked utility to check for errors on the disk. Nothing populated.

What is the size of the image? How long did it take to create it? I have never seen the “read_all” error before.


I was transferring 150gb Boot Camp to 500gb HD. After trying three different external drives, I realized the problem was with the image of boot camp. The problem I had was when I shut down my Windows side and switched to Mac the windows side was still in hibernation mode and not completely shut off causing errors when winclone was creating an image. I reopened windows changed the setting to not allow hibernation, shut down and switched back to Mac and was able to successfully create and transfer an image. Thanks for getting back to me.

The Directions to disable hibernation are in the link below


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