Unaccessible boot device Winclone 10

I bought Winclone to move my bootcamp partition to a new hard drive as an upgrade to my MacBook Pro. I was able to restore the partition but have been unable to boot into windows without the inaccessible_boot_device-error. I followed the directions at twocanoes.com/knowledge-base/resolving-inaccessible_boot_device-error-after-restoring-winclone-image/ but still get the error. I also tried to inject the drivers from winclone but the result is blue screen error. It seemed like a straightforward operation and OWC are the ones who suggested I use winclone but alas I have been unable to boot into Windows. Not sure what else to do. Really want to make this work and be satisfied with this Twocanoes software solution. Thank you

My Macbook Pro is an 11,4 and I installed an Aura X2 pro drive. Would appreciate any suggestions as to why this did not work. I followed all of the relevant instructions.

when I try to restore to the same drive partition that I got the image from I get a WIM-based restore failure with error code 50
Does winclone work for anyone?
Does anyone have any solutions

I was able to get the image restored to the original drive but still not able to get it onto the desired destination drive.

Can you post the log? Did you try switching from Legacy to/from EFI?


This was a long drawn out process but I finally got it to work after 4 failed attempts. I just wish there was a better step by step guide that takes you through the possibilities of errors and their solutions. (sysprep, Legacy to/from EFI, etc) What eventually worked for me was doing the sysprep on the original bootcamp partition, [then wondering if the original clone would restore onto the same partition (It did not the first time)] making an image of the partition, restoring the sysprepped image into the new bootcamp partition, injecting the bootcamp support drivers, dragging the Windows Support folder onto the mounted bootcamp partition, booting into Windows…finally. Going through the Windows setup like it was a new install I was not thrilled with this but… Running the bootcamp windows support executable. Restarting and there were two users. My old user and the new user. Not everything is perfect but better than a truly fresh install. I hope to be able to try this on another mac that I have and see how that works. Time will tell as I check everything out but so far so good. Took much longer than I expected (much, much longer) , but I had already tried over two weekends to clone bootcamp using linux, clonezilla etc. Winclone did finally work but it was not as joyous as Tim makes it seem. But thank you for a product that eventually worked. Better instructions or a checklist would help your customers. I enjoy your videos but they only cover when everything goes right and I just don’t live in that world. Cheers