Uncaught exception

Hi Tim,

With the beta for 1.8.1 it really helped with me saving the images on my main machine. However when I attempt to run the hdiutil command mount to my webserver I am getting this message " libc++abi.dylib: terminate called throwing an exception. When I checked on the forums it shows another user having the same issue so I went to internet recovery mode to update however the terminal is still the older version. It is also showing an error stating NSINternalInconsistencyexception/users/tperfitt/documents/projects/imagr/Imagr/main.m:40()main

Hi Raelteh!

Can you run the “sw_vers” command in terminal when in recovery and see what version you get? If It is <10.10, Imagr won’t run. You can boot from an external drive (you can create it in MDS from the toolbar) and then it should update the recovery to the the most recent.


Had a similar issue with 10.11.6 and MDS 1.9

We don’t have any machines that have 10.11 on it currently. Can someone pull imagr from :slight_smile:


and verify that it launches in 10.11? If not, please give the crash error.


How do I create it in MDS from the toolbar? My current version shows as 10.8.5.

Not sure about the toolbar question, but from 10.8.5, you would need to create a bootable external drive. You can generate the command by clicking Create Bootable Volume: