Undocumented feature -m

Usage: winclone [options]
-h This message.
-p, --ntfspartition NTFS_PARTITION Specify NTFS_PARTITION (eg /dev/disk0s4) to use in operations.
-y, --self-extract Self-extract mode. Automatically sets the restore (-r) and associated flags (see -r usage). Requires -p for partition to restore to. Uses resources in the same location as this script.
-j, --resource_path . Path to resources. If not specified, the directory that the script is located in is used (if it is in a package). Should be set to the root of a Winclone image or the resource folder of the Winclone app
-q, --quiet Quiet mode. Don’t ask for confirmation…Just do it.
-e, --EFI Force EFI boot mode.
-f, --force Ignore SIP State and try anyways. Good for Netboot or external drive package deployments.
-l, --legacy Force Legacy boot mode.
-i, --wimindex Index in WIM file.
-b, --boot_mode Set boot mode. 0=Auto, 1=EFI, 2=Legacy.
There is one more mode
-m mount Windows partition for read/write access

That was unintentional. I’ll add it to the usage.


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