Unfair $40 EVERY year to keep running Winclone!

I first bought Winclone in Sep 2016 for 39.99 and was satisfied. One year later (Oct 2017) the upgrade cost me 33.59
And one year later (Dec 2018) Twocanoes.com asks another $ 39.99 !
No free upgrade in the mean time.
This is really not serious and I doubt I will ever recommend Winclone again to my friends.

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definitely expensive for sure!! im looking for something else as we speak.

The current version of Winclone supports the current version of the macOS and the prior version. If there is a macOS upgrade, the current version of Winclone will support that as well. This usually translates to 3 versions. So for example, Winclone 7 supports 10.14, 10.13 and 10.12. Winclone 6 supported 10.13, 10.12, and 10.11. We QA across the different Macs hardware types and the OS versions and it is a very intensive process.

Apple has introduced SIP, Secure Boot, Core Storage, APFS, Fusion drives and more than affect Boot Camp. The latest version of Winclone means it is fully tested on the current versions. We also give 50% off for upgrades (you can buy via https://profile.twocanoes.com ). Be aware that we dropped Winclone Basic, so if you purchased Winclone 6 Basic, you would have to purchase Winclone 7 Standard at 50%, which is about $20.

We have also given free upgrades to people who purchased in the last 3 months prior to a major version upgrade.

Hope that helps explain our philosophy. We are trying to strike a fair balance.

You are perfectly right : if a user updates his macOS system each year in autumn, he/she has to pay to keep using Winclone because Winclone is only valid for the CURRENT macOS.
Why don’t you call that a subscription ?
A good business.

You are correct. We have a defacto subscription model, but with the added feature that if you don’t renew, it will continue to run on the OS it was purchased on. I plan on making this more explicit in the new year. Thanks for your feedback. It was very helpful.