Updated instruction on how to shrink an image size?

I am trying to shrink the size of an image I have made.

The screen shots of WinClone in the instructions do not match the UI I see in WinClone app I have which is Version 9.

I have created the smaller image on disk following the instructions. but then the WinClone UI is different and using restore image gives an error that the destination is too small.

Are there new instruction or what might I be missing?

There is no need to shrink the filesystem if you are using the file (WIM) based imaging. If you select block based imaging in the preferences, the shrink/expand options reappear in the menu.


Hi, sorry but I am not following. I did use block based imaging. Could you provide some more detail on steps to follow to do the resize process when my starting point is a block based image? Not sure where I would see the shrink/expand option you mention.

Hmm… this isn’t the drop down menu I see for tools…

I did select Block-based and also selected remove the page file, etc in preferences before I created the image.

can you share a screenshot of your preferences (without the license key)?


A bit odd… now when I am running WinClone I do see the shrink and expand NTFS options in the drop down menu.

As I have already created the image file, is it possible to work with the image file and reduce it so I can then restore to a smaller bootcamp partition?

Otherwise, I will have to restore the image to the original sized bootcamp partition (which I have removed).


Unfortunately, restoring it, then shrinking is the best option. This is one of the reasons we moved to File-based imaging so that shrinking is no longer required.


OK… thanks.

Do remove the older instructions as it sent me down the old path.

Doing “Make EFI Bootable…” appears to have resolved the boot to windows issue.


I have successfully been able to reduce my bootcamp image size!

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