Upgrade from MDS 1.4 to 1.5 broke a couple items

Been testing MDS this month since Apple loves to package firmware in updates now, and Jamf doesn’t seem interested in releasing a new “imaging” app. Must say that from v1.1 to 1.4 I was really impressed! Totally ready to get a PO cut or plunk down my own currency. I had a few workflows migrated from Jamf Imaging, deploying through USB and web server, then v1.5 appeared and now I have issues…

  1. Workflows are no longer skipping the setup assistant, despite this option being toggled on
  2. Workflows are no longer naming machine by serial number, just “MacBook Air”

I have deleted and re-created these from scratch. Compared side-by-side with some disk images I created in v1.4, and these options just are not occurring during the 1.5 workflow.

I have 2500 MacBooks to apply the workflow to (begin next week) - anyone have a copy of the 1.4 installer they can link me?

Dug a little more today, and these issues appear to stem from a Jamf QuickAdd.pkg being used in the workflow. Removed it and the setup assistant was correctly skipped. Odd, nothing changed with the Jamf QuickAdd.pkg I was using from MDS 1.4 to 1.5…

Trying to place the QuickAdd.pkg in /Users/Shared now, then run with a script after MDS has completed its package installations.

Okay, setup assistant is once again skipped and almost all is right in the world… except that the MDS option to “Set Computer Name - Use Serial Number” seems to occur after all packages, scripts, and profiles have completed. Really need that name to be correct when machine enrolls in Jamf, as I have an enrollment policy that binds these to AD based on their being named by serial number.

Guess I will look into scripting the computer name change before Jamf enrollment, but that takes a bit of usefulness out of MDS.

I can easily move that to run before the packages and scripts. Please file an issue here and I’ll update it in the next release: