Upgrade to Catalina imac 5K late 2104


I have an IMAC (Retina 5K , 27 inch, Late 2014). It is running MAC OS SIERRA V 10.12.6. I currently have Winclone 6.0.1 installed.

In boot camp I am running Windows V7

I have backed up my bootcamp partition using Winclone 6.0.1.

I want to upgrade my IMAC operating system to CATALINA.

When I run the update it requires me first to remove my bootcamp partition.

I have lots of programs etc on my WINDOWS 7 bootcamp and it would probably take many days to re-install it from scratch.

My question are:

Q1 - Am I able to run Windows 7 with bootcamp under MAC OS CATALINA?
Q2 - If so after removing my boot camp partition and then installing CATALINA can I restore
my WINDOWS 7 bootcamp with all the programs/data etc using Winclone
Q3 - Is Winclone 6.0.1 compatible with CATALINA?

email is collinsm995@gmail.com

Q1: If the Mac hardware supports both Windows 7 and Catalina, it should work fine. There is only a few Mac models that support both, iirc.
Q2: Yes, it should work fine.
Q3: You have to have Winclone 8 for Catalina.