Upgrading SSD with winclone 8.2 (48121)

Thanks for the new feature in winclone 8.2 (48121) inject driver make our life easier
MBP late 2016 Mojave(10.14.6) . ugraded SSD and restore Winclone image which was done successfully. next also added inject driver from menu tools add appleSSD driver, this also went smoothly without any error. however I notice the AppleSSD.sys is greyed out, and the tools inject AppleSSD can’t got to the directory. (please see attached pic) not sure if this is an issue preventing driver to be injected.

when restart btoocamp can’t complete it’s cycle , showing windows logo and directing dot and stop to blu screen.

any help is appreciated[

You need to select the folder with all the drivers, not just the SSD driver.


still no luck , re-boot ‘inaccessible driver’