Upgrading to Windows 11 and Monterey

I am currently running Windows 10 via Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro (2018 pre-M1) running Catalina. I use this configuration to run Autodesk’s Revit. I would like to know the best path to upgrade my Mac OS to Monterey AND Windows 11. Do I upgrade my Mac OS first? Do I upgrade my Windows 10 to 11 first inside Bootcamp? I would like to pursue the option that doesn’t require me to re-install all of my Windows-based software after I upgrade to Windows 11. If anyone has some constructive input on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it.

Bump…really, nobody in 2 weeks? I really like this software, but I could use some assistance.

Sorry, I wrote a response but it didn’t get posted:

Windows 11 requires TPM which isn’t available on a Mac. You can use Winclone to restore Windows 11 installer that bypasses that requirement. At this point, it is a great way to try out Windows 11 but not an upgrade path for Windows 11 for existing Windows 10 customers.